Unparalleled Managed Hosting Expertise

Embark on a journey with NTT Europe Online, your quintessential partner in Managed Hosting, security, and application management for dynamic enterprises on a global scale.

Why NTT Europe Online?

  • Experience and Expertise:
    • Opt for the safe and reassuring choice, backed by years of industry experience and a team trained in a consultative approach to crafting your ideal hosting solution.
  • Quality Service Delivery:
    • Exceptional customer satisfaction rates underscored by a continuous improvement initiative, aiming to elevate performance year on year through our Kaizen program.
  • Financial Stability:
    • As a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Group, boasting revenues of approximately $87 USD as of 31/03/07, NTT Europe Online stands as a beacon of financial stability.
  • ICT Partner Excellence:
    • Beyond mere hosting, we offer Systems Integration expertise, seamlessly incorporating your website into a Managed Private Network, Global IP Network, and an array of IT Management Services.
  • Real Solutions for Real Challenges:
    • Count on us for navigating challenges, from handling traffic spikes to orchestrating full-scale International IP Broadcasts, drawing from our rich repertoire of past successes.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

NTT Communications’ Product and Service Portfolio:

  • Managed Private Networks:
    • Leveraging NTT’s ARCSTAR portfolio to reduce communication costs, optimize processes, and alleviate management burdens for over 800 multinational businesses.
  • Global IP Network:
    • A world-class Tier-1 global network, meticulously designed for reliable, high-speed data transmission spanning four continents.
  • IT Management Services:
    • A dedicated team of network professionals committed to providing proven infrastructure solutions in real-world environments.
  • Systems Integration:
    • A global team of IT professionals ensuring responsive and hands-on support for seamless integration.

Technological Advancements:

  • Global Tier 1 Network Architecture:
    • Developed to mitigate internet congestion, offering redundant paths, routing options, and private peering points for optimal internet traffic speeds globally.
  • Trans Siberian Cable Route:
    • Facilitating faster communication to the Asian region, reducing transit delays.
  • IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack Technology:
    • Pioneering dual-stack technology, ensuring a natural growth path as IPv4 becomes overcrowded.

Specialized Hosting Solutions

Specialized Hosting Solutions

Managed Hosting for Integrated Media Campaigns:

  • Dynamic Scalability:
    • Rapid initiation and scaling of virtualized environments to meet varying demands of integrated media campaigns.
  • Cost Management:
    • Proactive infrastructure reduction post-peak demand, ensuring cost control.

Robust Online Security Measures:

  • Comprehensive Security Products:
    • A suite including firewall, anti-virus, and intrusion prevention and detection services.
  • Human-Centric Security:
    • Emphasis on the human element of security management, recognizing the significance of “procedures and people.”
  • ISO27001 Certification:
    • Certified for Information Security Management, externally audited every six months, underlining the commitment to robust security practices.

In choosing NTT Europe Online, you opt for more than just hosting; you choose a strategic alliance that enhances your digital presence, ensures financial stability, and provides solutions attuned to real-world challenges.